Repeat Returns


Be the only ISO on the block merchants love talking to.

ISO Survival Guide

After reading this guide you’ll confidently walk into your next merchant’s establishment – not as the salesperson they dread… but as the “expert” they’ve been waiting for. The person they NEED to talk with.

You’ll discover…

  • A simple way to establish immediate rapport (Hint: You won’t even talk about credit cards).
  • How to re-position yourself (you’re not the salesperson they dread, you’re the person they’ve been waiting for).
  • A “word-for-word” script that gets you an immediate audience with the business owner.
  • The “oh-by-the-way phrase” that has merchants happily handing you their statement.

Fifteen minutes from now you’ll have a clear path to signing more accounts, generating multiple income streams from a single visit, adding more volume and more clicks to every account you have andcutting attrition to the bone. Get the guide now, it’s is free.

Find out why ETA created a first ever “Portfolio Enhancement & Protection” category just for Chatterbox© at the 2014 show in Las Vegas. Get the guide now.